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Asili, for the best skin care products from Ghana.

Africa has long been the supplier of natural ingredients, such as Shea Bark and palm oil, for use in the best skin care products produced in Europe and America. And now these original natural products are available as the Asili range of the best skin care products out of Africa.

Produced in the traditional home of African skin care, Ghana, from the best natural ingredients such as Shea bark, Plantain, Palm oil and Cocoa pods, you won’t find anything better to treat and nourish your skin.

Asili’s African Black Soap, amongst the best skin care products in the world.

For centuries, African Black Soap has been known for its anti-aging and all-round healthy skin benefits. Now, the rest of the world is starting to catch on! So much so, that in an episode of the Dr. Oz show, aired on 14th Feb 2012, America’s favourite doctor gave African Black Soap a glowing review!

Dr Oz recomends African black soap from Ghana

This is little wonder, as African black soap is acknowledged as one of the best skin care products. 100% organic, produced from Plantain skins (Rich in Vitamin A and E), palm oil, palm kernel oil, Shea bark, cocoa pods and water, it’s ideal for use on sensitive skins or skin disorders such as Atopic and Dyshidrotic eczemas.

The excellent moisturising and nourishing properties also make it an ideal all round product for daily skincare regimes.

When black soap is used for skincare, the combination of natural ingredients makes it a “one-stop” product.  Washing with black soap cleanses the skin as well as moisturising; rejuvenates as well as nourishing, thus requiring the minimum of additional products and treatments.

Asili African Black Soap used to treat skin ailments:

Traditionally, African Black Soap has been used to treat the following skin conditions:

  • Rashes.
  • Acne.
  • Eczema.
  • Dry Scalp.
  • Body odour.
  • Dry skin.
  • Cleansing sensitive skin.
  • Premature aging.

When used on a regular basis, positive results can often be experienced within a few days and relief can be maintained indefinitely with daily use.

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Asili natural Shea Butter for a healthy radiant skin.

Shea Butter is only found in the tropics of  Africa.  It is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree which only begins to bear fruit after about 15 years; and can take up to 30 years to bear a quality crop of nuts with a high content of  fatty acid which marks this as one of the best skin care products available..

It is this fatty acid that gives Shea Butter its unique healing properties and makes it far superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters in the race to being one of the best skin care products available.

Traditionally, Shea Butter was extracted by people who picked the nuts, cracked them, grilled them and pounded them. They were boiled in water for hours until the Shea Butter rose to the surface.  It was then scooped into gourds and left to cool and set.

Shea Butter is solid at room temperature although it quickly liquefies right around body temperature. Since Shea Butter is a natural product, it can vary widely in quality, appearance and smell depending on where it is produced from and how it is refined or extracted.

Shea Butter nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E and F.  Vitamins A and E helps maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy.  It’s particularly helpful for sun damaged skin. It also helps to prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.

Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin and helps soften dry or damaged hair.

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