Black Soap for guys

This black soap is really awesome stuff!

Black soap for guys

For a week before my wife actually got hers in the post, all she could talk about was: ”African black Soap”.

Now, being a guy that’s into outdoor living and riding motorcycles, you must forgive me if soap is … well; just soap!

So how did I become a convert?

Well this past weekend we took a long weekend away in Polokwane. As things go I was late in getting home and in my haste to pack the GS’ panniers I forgot my toiletries bag with my shampoo and soap. This I only realised after 4 hours in the saddle and really needing a hot shower.

Hours away from the nearest store, is not the time to realise you have no soap! So after eating humble pie, I asked my wife is I could use a piece of her mystical Black Soap.

My first experiance with Asili’s Black Soap.

The first thing that struck me was that it looked more like a bar of caramel Nougat! My wife informs me that if you’re not prepared to eat it you shouldn’t put it on your face! And this stuff you could probably eat – being 100% natural and containing Plantain (Green bananas) and Palm oil.

The real surprise came under the shower: I’ve never seen a soap that creates such a snow storm of lather! It’s said that you can even generate lather in sea water with this. I’ve recently taken to using this as a shaving cream when we’re in the bush, and it really works.

The best was left for last – the fragrance: That’s probably not the right description. It’s an earthy, healthy smell. No pseudo lavender scent to mask the caustic ingredients of your normal soap. This Black Soap just smells so natural and healthy; the sort of smell that guys will appreciate.

Having now officially converted to a Black soap believer, I Googled it. Amazing! Black Soap has been made for centuries in West Africa, and is used to treat anything from dry skin to Acne and eczema.

The only problem is that it’s easier to find a bottle of Klippies in a church hall than it is to find someone selling Black Soap. That’s why I’ve taken the time to write to thank Asili for bringing in a great product !

Gert Steyn


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