Why use Black Soap for winter skin care?


Skin care during winter, using African Black Soap is a cinch!

Black soap to protect your skin in winterBeing a 100% natural product it’s very soothing on the skin – none of the harsh chemicals found in your normal face-soap. But it doesn’t stop there: Asili African black soap also contains vitamin A and E as well as Cocoa butter or Shea butter – depending on the soap you choose.

Besides using our fanatastic Black Soap, here are some othe winter tips from Best Skin Care.

1. Switch Your Soap with other milder alternatives – Water alone can cleanse your skin, and when you add soap in the scenario, it doubles up its oil stripping work making your skin drier and drier. If you noticed how dry your skin becomes after washing your face or after taking a bath, try switching your bath soap with milder ones like liquid cream soaps or even oatmeal exfoliating cleanser (the real one! Not from bottles). Get a heap of the oatmeal granules and then add warm water to it. Rub to your skin and rinse it off. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Even those with eczema can use this method.

2. Pay attention to your Face cleansers – there’s no one size fits all when it comes to skin care for all seasons. You might not having problems with your Skin Care products now, but in the long run, you might see them irritating to your skin during winter. You need to know that our skin have different needs based on season. As the season changes, our skin also feels the same—make sure to get familiar with it!

3. Avoid Hot Baths – Hot baths can make your skin dry by removing the oils from your skin. This is easy to deal with since instead of using hot water, you can instead use lukewarm water for taking a bath.

– Avocado mask is an effective way to lock in moisture to the skin and even adds moisture to it. You can use honey too as part of it since it has soothing and antibacterial properties. Mashed avocado and then add honey. Spread evenly to your face and rinse with warm water….More at Winter Skin Care: What to do to keep Skin from Drying? Natural Skin best that you can do.

So now yo have a few more tips to protect your skin in the harsh winter environment. But remember to treat your skin to Asili’s best skin products – African Black Soap from Ghana.

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